Ripple effect live wallpaper

Per visualizzare correttamente la pagina è necessario abilitare i javascript. Kerlite is a Cotto d’Este product, a newly developed ceramic porcelain that in just a few years has ripple effect live wallpaper the world of contemporary architecture. Durable but light, flat but flexible, easy to cut, drill and lay and to clean, Kerlite has made versatility and ease of use its strengths. Its extremely thin, large sizes which have been unimaginable until now and perfect flatness are obtained thanks to exclusive innovative technology that gives the ceramic slab unrivalled elasticity and resistance.

The entire Kerlite range includes 12 exclusive collections that allow you to choose between 49 decorative instruments: a wide range of textures, surfaces and colours, from natural stones to cements, from wood tones to solid colours, from white to black. Initially available only in the thicknesses of 3 mm and the fibreglass reinforced 3. 5 mm Plus version, the Kerlite range now also features the 5PLUS version. 5 mm thick product expands the technical and aesthetic potential of the slab that is designed for new areas of application and which is available in new surface finishes.

Black and white flooring in “Absolute Style”, empty and full, light and darkness. Elements which are pure and primordial, essential, alternately continuous and perpetual. Available in the 3 Plus version, Kerlite Black-White is an innovative choice for covering new surfaces, making this ceramic product an authentic architectural feature. The 4 colours available are: White, Snow, Ultrawhite and Black. Kerlite Bluestone Evolution offers a deeply natural looking stone, with a dark grey colour and a particular etched surface.

Kerlite Buxy is an authentic decorative design proposing exclusive surfaces of the fascinating Buxy 14 mm series by Cotto d’Este, flooring inspired by a stone which is exceptionally beautiful due to its colour and its particular dotted graphic design. The intensely natural-looking surface gives warmth, elegance and style making environments exclusive and sophisticated. Kerlite Buxy is available in a thickness of 3. Cement Project is a system of surfaces and colours that echoes cement effects with aesthetic and sensory fidelity, including the traditional wooden slatted form. The collection conceptually mirrors the great, brutalist twentieth century style of architecture, and takes on that rigor and strong expressive power, while enabling a wide variety of interpretation.

Work, Cem and Land, each available in different thicknesses and sizes. The Cem and Land surfaces reproduce cement in its purer, compact, urban style. Cem is available in Kerlite plus 5. 5mm, while Land comes in a 14mm thickness, a distinctive Cotto d’Este size. The company is unique in supplying high thickness materials where the firing process is over twice as long as for the standard 10 mm porcelain stoneware and done at higher temperatures, achieving maximum strength and durability.

The Cluny collection by Cotto d’Este offers an intense mineral surface that is typical of the Burgundy stone and is available in four refined colours: from dark grey to a bright magnolia colour. Produced in Kerlite 3 Plus and Kerlite 5 Plus, the Cluny series offers two different types of surface: Cluny 3 Plus is available in natural surface to present the most authentic aspect of the stone. A surface of extraordinary elegance and unparalleled beauty. The result of cutting edge technology and the high performance of Kerlite, this series represents an extremely refined solution for an evocative environment that speaks your language and is expressed in the colours you have always loved. Kerlite Elegance combines unique style and practicality and gives any classic or contemporary space an inimitable charm. Produced in Kerlite 3 Plus, there are 4 different colours available with names that evoke the places of Italian elegance: Via Condotti, Via Tornabuoni, Via Montenapoleone, Via Farini. Evolving from a passion for marble and research at the most prestigious quarries, the Exedra series offers a selection of finishes made using the innovative enamel spray technology, and is characterized by the utmost fidelity to original stone and by the huge range of designs that makes each product unique.

The marble veins are made with great precision and three-dimensionality that conveys a very strong visual sense of depth. Forest is the exclusive wood in Kerlite. Thanks to the new thickness of 5. The rectified edges guarantee perfectly squared staves, for more precise installation and a final result that creates a beautiful aesthetic effect. Beauty from the bottom of the sea: sedimented, layered and set in stone by the patient work of water and time. The new version in Kerlite 5plus enriches and completes the range of thickened porcelain stoneware formats, making Limestone a proposal to satisfy the design requirements of any architectural environment. Kerlite Materica is a striking and original product, eight different colours created to meet the needs of contemporary minimalism, inspired by traditional cement applied by hand with a spatula and constituting an essential aesthetic element.