Ripple auto parts

The symptoms appear as hesitation, stalling, misfire. The stalling may be intermittent and can sometimes happen when the transmission is shifting gears, or when switching from drive to reverse. Because a cold engine blows cooler exhaust, manufacturers add heaters to the oxygen sensors to heat them ripple auto parts quickly so the PCM can get into closed loop faster.

The heaters also help keep the oxygen sensors at the proper temp during idle. The PCM is also reading the results from the engine coolant temperature sensor. If the thermostat isn’t operating properly and is stuck open, the engine won’t get up to operating temperature. This scenario is slightly different than a P1128 code, because a low temperature would affect both banks.

And, there’s only one temperature sensor on these engines. Shops are reporting problems with the alternator disrupting sensor signals in Chrysler and Dodge products. This is a smart fuse box and relay center that operates relays via digital commands. The problem comes in when these TIPMs corrode due to road salt intrusion. It’s a huge problem for vehicles with TIPMs. So you’ve got a whole host of possibilities here.