Ripple afghan crochet pattern

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Only registered users can write reviews. I first looked on Google for a free version, and found lots of pages with instructions, but none of them worked right for me. This one little image was detailed enough to see what was going on, so I followed it! I don’t know whose photo this was, but THANKS to whoever made it! But I did alter the pattern a bit, to keep it from curling. The photo shows an increase every other round.

I changed it to add more increases. Each round that has dcs in a multiple of three, gets only one round instead of two. The other rounds get two each. At least it worked for me and my very own Round Ripple is done! They are right, it gets really boring those last few rounds! But once it’s done, it’s so pretty, and it’s exciting to think about making another.

Here’s how to add the extra points. This wasn’t my idea either, but I drew the diagram for it, so here you go. This is a smaller version, I mean it doesn’t show as many stitches as you really have. When you decide to add points, count the number of stitches you have, and figure out which stitch is the middle. Then follow this pattern using as many rows as you need until the hills and valleys have even numbers of stitches again. Dishcloths Then I made a ton of ripple dishrags! The coolest ones are the ones made from the leftover bits from the others!

Increasing every other round was enough, for these. Granny squares are regaining popularity but I really didn’t want to do more squares. A ripple seemed like it would be fun but still wasn’t tickling my fancy. My brother-in-law said that the colors I used made him want a Guinness so I believe I’ve named this pattern appropriately. Use recommended hk for selected yarn.

Use larger size hk for a lacier version. This pattern is not suitable for eyelash or similar yarns that would obscure the spike stitch definition. The spike stitch needs a yarn with little or no halo in order to look its best. The greater the contrast between yarn colors, the more dramatic the spike stitch effect will be. The sample used up almost the entire skein of six of the seven colors I’d chosen, plus more for the one I used for the border, It is sized for an infant or child so for an adult sized afghan, you’ll need to at least double the amount of yarn used if the yarn is worsted weight. Although I used the Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn for the sample project, I would not recommend its use. It is also slippery so slip knots tend to, well, slip apart.

Other Yarn Bee yarns I’ve used have not had this problem so don’t hesitate to use them. Instead of making two rows of ea color, try making one or three or four. Divide that measurement into the final width to get the number of reps. Next, determine the length of your base ch or fsc row. Finally, add 7 sts if you will be using a starting chain, i. Or, add 4 sts if you will be using an fsc base row, i.