Reduce ripple voltage power supply

About: I am a distant relative of the Apache Warrior Geronimo. I enjoy working with electronics, wood, metal and gold. I love the flashes reduce ripple voltage power supply inspiration I get after mulling over a problem. I needed a variable 0 to 50KV high voltage power supply for my high voltage experiments that wouldn’t break the bank, so I built my own.

With just a few parts from old microwave ovens, TV sets, and an oil burner, you can build an affordable instrument for whatever you wish to snap,crackle, or pop! The key component is the voltage multiplier, which I covered in the High Voltage Multiplier instructable. Build it first, then drop it into this project for a variable output. The diagram shows the supply in the de-energized condition and the case closed. Mains voltage is applied to the power supply thru a 120 VAC Panel connector.