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Those of you who are using Bing Ads should be extra careful today. When trying to log in to our Offshore vps bitcoin Ads account today we have noticed an ad on Google Adwords pretending to be from Bing Ads. Clicking on that ad takes you to a page that is identical to the Bing login page. Luckily for us we have noticed that the domain name is not microsoft.

We entered a fake user and password just to see what happens. The page refreshed and was redirected to the real Bing Ads login page. The fake user and password are now in the possession of a digital thief somewhere out there. As a PPC person myself I am shocked to see that this ad was approved by Google Adwords. Firstly because it’s an obvious case of phishing and secondly because the Display URL is longer than 35 characters which should have caused the ad to be disapproved as well. We hope that Google will remove this ad as quickly as possible before any sensitive information gets stolen.

With over 7 years of experience in online marketing. He is the self-proclaimed master of all things PPC, and has a great passion for analytics and testing. It is through this website that he lives out his dream of teaching the world. CDN ולמה אתה חייב כזה לאתר שלך? When choosing a free speech hosting company you should assess the kind of content you host, for example, in the USA although the 1st Amendment protects free speech a powerful multinational can try to get around it by launching a frivolous lawsuit that a small webmaster can’t fight in court due to lack of resources, and in China any pro Tibet website will be taken down by the Government. You will leave tracks behind when you upload your site and make payments, these companies are not truly anonymous even thought some advertise as such, to host controversial content anonymously use Tor hidden sites or i2P, but they will only be reachable by people using the appropriate software. Budget host offering shared and dedicated hosting, their terms and conditions allow for any content that is legal in the United States to be hosted, including pornography.

They offer shared and dedicated hosting, it allows for the creation of sub domains and comes with a free secure email account. Webhost based in the US where you only pay for the amount of bandwidth and storage space consumed, it runs its own custom hosting panel, their terms and conditions state that the webmaster must register his real name and address, the company carries out random identity checks asking for a passport scan to be emailed. They maintain minimum information about their customers and very few logs, PRQ used to host Wikileaks and other highly controversial content, support for SQL databases, SSL certificates and DNS. Everything is paid with cash inside an envelope, including the domain name, this guarantees webmaster anonymity. Support provided via live chat or phone. Pharmaceutical sites are welcome, racist, any type of child porn, hacking and warez are all banned.

There is no support to host multiple domains on a single account. Located in the Bahamas, it provides dedicated, shared and VPS hosting, they also provide a Bahamas based phone number and fax which messages can be retrieved from abroad. Based in Panama, they claim they will not cooperate with authorities or institutions without a proper warrant. It’s worth including in your list of offshore web hosts! Hi there I’m looking to host my alternative news website in iceland and I wanted to find a domain registrar that was in iceland also who would protect my free speech, do you have any suggestions on good domain registrars? Thank you I really appreciate it!

If a company does not reply to your emails, there is not much that can be done. Whenever possible it is best to go with bigger hosting companies as they are less likely to vanish from one day to another. What level of government-cooperation do they have? Will they fight for your rights not to provide your data, emails, logs etc. I know yohost and anonymous speech are the good ones.

My collegues had few domains with them but the owner of that hosting dissappeared and they lost control over the domains. Not sure about Katzglobal, because they were selling their business some time ago. The only country in the world where DMCA exists is the United States, it is not a great asset saying that you ignore DMCA notices in Bulgaria when the law is exclusive of the US, but I am pretty sure there are copyright laws in Bulgaria, a full European Union member, I am pretty sure they comply with EU legislation. I looked at your company and there is no mention at all of how you deal with free speech, it looks like your comment was just a way to plug in your company, and not related to free speech but I will allow the comment because it is based offshore. I really enjoy reading your articles. However I have to disagree with you .