Nipple ripple

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-597 is to be guarded and researched by a rotating monthly shift. SCP-597 for longer than five hours. Maintenance personnel are to alternate every day. Evaluations are to be given at the end nipple ripple the shift or whenever mental distress seems obvious.

If psychological contamination is too great and poses a tangible danger, termination can be performed immediately by the on-site analyst. The mental health offices are soundproofed for this purpose. 597’s cell are to be taken as an indication of a dangerous obsession. The leaving and offering of food, as 597 does not require it, is to be viewed in the same light as well. All other signs of unnatural love and religious awe are to be reported along with these. The room and the surrounding area are to be sealed, with ventilation shafts, plumbing, and wiring checked daily.

Measures are to be put into place for the continuous extermination of all vermin in the facility. Animals not part of the study found suckling on SCP-597 are to be removed and terminated as soon as possible due to risk of biological contamination. 597 is to be hosed down weekly, with special care given to the areas around the nipples, to prevent the buildup of saliva and drool. Description: SCP-597 is a blob of flesh approximately 5. All over its body, mostly located on its rolls, are hundreds and hundreds of teats, of various colors and sizes. Whenever a mammal is released into its cell, it will be drawn to the corresponding teat for its species and then proceed to suckle as long as they are unimpeded. Milk taken in a bottle does not have the same results, although those already affected by SCP-597 will fall under a quasi-hypnotic hold when presented with a container, will do anything to possess it, and find drinking it very gratifying.

Those in charge of bottling the liquid have the urge to use a rubber teat for feeding babies as a cover, even when a normal lid will suffice, and will attempt to do so even when informed that it is in violation of dangerous materials protocol, not being an airtight seal. The urge to suckle is a mental, physical, and sexual compulsion. Lower lifeforms cannot resist at all. Those who watch are also influenced, although in lesser or different ways.