Knit ripple baby blanket

I report you decide, which is the right side? Read knit ripple baby blanket all the way through before beginning.

Blanket is worked on a circular needle to accommodate the large number of stitches. It is not worked in the round. Simply Soft or Pound of Love, you probably should go down a needle size and cast on 120 stitches. If you want a wider blanket cast on additional stitches in increments of three. Blanket in photo knit with Caron One Pound Sky Blue.

With circular needle, cast on 114 sts. K5, P across to last 5 sts, K5. Repeat rows 6-9 until blanket is one inch less than desired size. I like the waffle side, the second picture. Since I mostly make things for preemies, I cut this down to CO 72 and it’s working out perfectly.

Thanks so much for all your patterns. Is there a matching hat pattern? My waffle cap doesn’t really match this blanket. I figured out a hat pattern to match. Cut the pattern down to CO 39 ans didn’t do the knit on each side. Can send you a pic if you want.

Thanks again for this great pattern. What is the multiple for the cast on row? I’m wanting to do this in a finer weight but I would like it to equal the same measurements. 6 plus 10 for the edge.

Looking forward to doing this one. How many balls of yarn does it take? Since “balls” of yarn vary in ounces, I supplied quantity in ounces. Hi, I’ve never used circular knitting needles before and I just got some today and I really want to try this pattern out but I need somthing clarified first.

When you say it’s not knitted in the round what exactly does that mean? You turn at the end of each row. The only reason for circulars is to hold the number of stitches, it would be nearly impossible on regular needles. I do almost all of my knitting on circular needles, for me it is so much easier on the hands. Loved the blankie and it was very easy! I only have 3-ply yarn can i hold two strands together and use it that way to knit the blanket?