Kinkos broad ripple

Now consider these problems along with the very real potential for food shortages, an escalation of the kinkos broad ripple with North Korea, and general increases in contagious diseases. No matter how much or little prepping you have done, the fact remains something can still catch you off guard at any time.

If you are in a city, and need a place to hide, it is very easy to make a bad decision. Have a look at 10 places you might go to without thinking, and wind up with even more problems than you had before. Open Areas Above Ground There are many situations where you will need to get out of the building you are in as quickly as possible. If there is a fire, flood, or the building is struck by some kind of bomb, then you have to get out before the building collapses. Debris and smoke from the building can easily fly in all directions and land on you.

If you ran outside because of an earthquake, surrounding buildings may also begin to cave in and send debris in all directions. If the situation involves several buildings, other people will also be panicking and trying to get out of the buildings as fast as possible. You can easily be stampeded or injured as people try to get away from danger as quickly as possible. Do not make the mistake of trying to get in your car and hoping it will shelter you. A car has an even weaker frame than a building. Falling debris can easily crush it and leave you trapped inside.

In addition, if there is a bad enough panic, people may literally try to tear your vehicle apart or take other actions to prevent you from leaving the scene. After you successfully leave a building that you feel is dangerous, the best thing you can do is get underground as quickly as possible. Find out in time which manhole covers in your city offer safe access tunnels or other areas to hide in. In general, service tunnels will be safer than subways or other popular public areas in situations where hostile forces are attempting to take over the city. Upper Floors of Any Building Unless you are dealing with a hurricane or other flood that prevents you from getting to the ground level, stay away from the upper floors of a building. The upper floors are always the weakest, and also the hardest to escape from on your own.

No matter whether you are afraid of your building being taken over by hostile forces, or you must escape a fire, once you reach the top floor, you can still wind up being trapped. Heavy duty rope and hooks that you can use to attach the rope to another building. You will need to practice your skills to make it safely from one building to another. An ax for breaking down walls or through roofs An ax can also be used for defense if nothing else is available. Places With Easily to See Doors or Windows The ability to get out of a building easily can also spell disaster if unwanted people can get to you and trap you in your location.

If you are truly trying to hide from other people, the worst thing you can do is be anywhere near a door or window. If there is a visible door or window that can be breached, people looking for you or anything of value will try to get in. Use poison ivy, nettles, and other noxious plants to cover secret entrances and exits. This includes exit points coming up from tunnels or other underground locations. Just remember to have coveralls and suitable tools for cutting the vegetation away so that you can make your escape with as little pain as possible. Cover up a back door, side entrance, or window with faux siding. Repaint your home or take other steps to make the covering look as permanent as possible.

You should still be able to knock the covering out with ease in time of need. Even if neighbors do remember a window or door in that location, the covering will hopefully make people overlook the area since they will think it is closed off. Try to make at least one exit tunnel in your basement or crawlway to a location at or near the boundary of your property. Be sure you know where all gas and other maintenance lines are so you do not tunnel in those areas. In these instances, road blocks, surveillance teams, and even hostile forces can see you and control you with relative ease. No matter whether you have plans to get out of the city, or you decide to stay close to home, it is never a good idea to be near roadways or heavy traffic.