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Use your imagination to create personalized items such as shirts, sweatshirts, bags, blankets, throws, pillows, etc. If applying to garments or fabric, we strongly recommend stitching the letters to the fabric or garment to iota nu the letters from fraying when washed.

Tackle Twill with an iron on adhesive backing. Patterns are a mix of various fabrics also with an iron on adhesive backing. At this time we are only shipping within the USA. Being a part of Gamma Iota Sigma has provided me with countless opportunities for learning, networking, and developing as a young professional. I always knew I wanted to do something math-related, and Actuarial Science seemed like the perfect fit for me. CASstudent : Congratulations to our 2018 CAS University Award Winners!

With a degree in Actuarial Science, I would love to work for an insurance or pensions company with a rotation program. I joined Gamma Iota Sigma because I knew that it would prime me to be successful in the risk management and insurance industry. Alumni Update Gamma Iota Sigma boasts an alumni base of over 25,000 individuals from our 71 chapters and we need your help in updating our current records. Please use the link below to update your information and pass it on to as many alumni as you can. For a more detailed discussion about the uses of the Greek article, with more examples, see the document Intermediate Grammar, The Greek Article. Also, this document does not discuss the way nouns are used in the various cases.

For more information on the functions of the noun cases, see the document How the Greek Cases are Used. The following comments are my own. But most of the information came from: Daniel B. Ward Powers’ book, Learn to Read the Greek New Testament. It pointed to someone or something, in a subtle way that was still clear and obvious to the listener or reader.

Thus, the Greek article originally served a completely different function than the English definite article “the. Then the Greek article developed many uses which are far more closely related to its original Greek function than to the functions of the English definite article. The Greek article definitely is not just an equivalent to the English definite article “the. Therefore, in translating Greek into English, we cannot automatically always use an English definite article “the” in the place of a Greek article. There are many times when one will use no English article in the translation.