Iota dls 27 40

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. IOTA converts 120 volts nominal A. 2 volts DC, depending on the model. As a power supply, its tightly controlled regulation allows the iota dls 27 40 to operate any 12 or 24 volt nominal D.

The DLS series is protected by multiple protection features for a long, trouble-free life. Over-Current Protection – cycle by cycle peak limiting as well as rated current limiting to maximize the life of the converter. While still excellent quality units, with a 2 year warranty, they are now built in China to IOTA Engineering specifications. Some companies still market Iota units as US built, when they no longer are. Be sure to check out our Tutorials!

Marine battery chargers come in a variety of models, with one or more attributes contributing to their being classified as such. Applications vary from single starting battery systems, to multi-battery systems, where some of the batteries are deeply discharged routinely, as in a trolling motor system in a tournament fishing boat, or an electric-only boat used in smaller lakes or ponds. Some marine applications are live aboard situations, where shore power is available, and the charger may need to function as a power supply as well. Dual Pro was recently selected by Charles Marine to be marketed as their units for bass boats and similar sized marine applications. The Dual Pro marine units are fully potted inside, and are waterproof, vibration proof, mountable, and available in multibank output units up to four banks.

The Dual Pro Recreation Series are 6 amps per bank. The Dual Pro Sportsman series chargers are 10 amps per bank, and available in single bank, dual bank, three bank, and four bank models. All the Dual Pro marine battery chargers have independent 12 volt outputs, meaning a separate positive and negative connection for each bank, and a microprocessor for each bank. This allows batteries of differing type, size, and state of charge to be connected to the same battery charger.