Crypto archaeology

NET book to highlight many challenges, misperceptions, and false assumptions of producing secure, implementationally correct . However, crypto archaeology recognizing the pitfalls of . Java implementations ported to equally-old .

If you have a crypto archaeology itch, Bouncy Castle will scratch it. How do you build trust in a crypto library? Inferno has also been professionally audited. Safe by design: safe algorithms, safe modes, safe choices. The particular choice of SHA384 is explained in “Implementation Details” section.

Don’t forget to Dispose after use. SP_800_108_Ctr implements NIST SP800-108 Counter-mode KDF. The SafeUTF8 encoding instance will instead throw on any invalid byte sequence. For an alternative approach to preventing entropy loss without exceptions see “String serialization” section. NET lacks an implementation of CTR mode, and most of the Internet-available . NET implementations of AES-CTR are poorly implemented.