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The move led to big changes in the prices of both digital currencies, with one falling sharply and the other rising, leading to speculation and accusations of insider trading on the platform. Bitcoin Cash was created as Bitcoin fork Aug. The platform will use the code BCH for Bitcoin Cash, its announcement said. 2,200 mark and did not stray far from there through the day.

17,000, but the sudden fall of over 20 percent, combined with the rise in BCH price, and the fact that Coinbase did not notify its users in advance, left the trading exchange open to accusations of insider trading. Clearly, Coinbase felt the need to respond, even if its word did not find many believers. According to expoerts, beginners looking to invest in cryptocurrencies would be better off buying Bitcoin instead of BCH. Copyright 2018 Newsweek Media Group All Rights Reserved. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Coinbase announced a new customer support phone line to help users facing issues with the cryptocurrency platform.

The company promised to expand customer service operations as early as June, but has faced an onslaught of unhappy customers in recent months as the userbase overpowered the support staff. However, one call we placed to the support line never made it through to a human customer support agent. The call ended after 15 minutes and 30 seconds, most of which was spent on hold. A second call reached a human after 14 minutes.

If you need me, call me. The San Francisco-based company will now offer phone support during business hours, though the support agents can only handle issues related to verification and locked accounts. Customers that need specific account help will still have to reach out by email, or consult Ada, the Coinbase support bot. While Coinbase said the phone lines were live on Wednesday, a call placed by this reporter at 12:40 pm PST went directly to hold. After being on the line for 15 minutes and 30 seconds, the automated voice said that the lines were backed up, and that the caller should hang up and try again, or submit a complaint online. A second call, placed at 1:04 pm PST, reached a human after 14 minutes.

We are actively working to onboard new phone support and general support agents to reduce response times overall. We acknowledge that there will be high demand for phone support given our current support response times, and this may result in longer hold times than expected until new agents come online. 4,000, more and more people are realizing the potential to make considerable sums of money by trading cryptocurrencies. As its userbase grew — double what it was in September 2016, by the company’s account — so did the number of complaints, ranging from locked accounts to thousands of dollars in unaccounted for funds. 16,300 disappear from his bank account without any explanation. He said that Coinbase immediately froze his account when he contacted the company.

Despite contacting the company every day, it took over a week to hear back about what went wrong, Sion said. After Sion reached out to the U. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the California Attorney General’s office to complain, he finally got his account unfrozen by Coinbase. In the end, it turned out that Sion had made a mistake when indicating where the money was to be pulled from. But he contends that the issue — and his escalating concerns that Coinbase had committed fraud — could have been mitigated if the company had responded to his complaints sooner. I hope as a consumer they do a better job and meet the standards of the rest of the financial community,” Sion said. Despite multiple attempts to contact their customer support, I have received no response from them beyond an automated email response to my inquiry.