Chocolate ripple biscuit slice

Scrivens sat at the end of an elongated red brick shoebox row of shops. Scrivens, a strange L-shaped grocery cum chocolate ripple biscuit slice. It was here where you spent your pocket money.

You’d lean your bike against the window and head in, straight to the angled display of chocolate bars. A sensory overload of colours, shapes and tastes. Often those decisions are based just as much on what happened years ago, as it is on what is in the present. The texture and luxurious taste are only one small part of the nostalgic feeling that one associates with that indulgence.

Despite manufacturers constantly rebranding and repackaging trusted franchises, people have grown up with them and they are an integral part of peoples lives. The disappointment of getting the letter p, again, on your Smarties lid. Whilst I have become a self-confessed chocolate snob, I acknowledge and appreciate the role that these bars have had in my life. So in a tribute to the everyday enemy foot solider in the battle of obesity, I decided to find the best ten chocolate bars of Britain.

Obviously there has to be criteria. Without rules we’d be looking at confectionery chaos. Dairy Milk, Yorkies and Buttons are all out. No place for Drifters, Spiras or Treets. Jelly Tots, Tooty Frooties and Haribo are all firm favourites, but no chocolate, so no place on the list. This is my top ten Mars Bar Invented in 1937 in Slough, it’s hard not to include this as the first entry on the list, it feels like the ultimate indulgence. I have spent many hours refining the best way to devour one.

First chill the bar for 30 minutes in the fridge. Cut off the ends of the bar with a sharp knife, then lay the unwrapped bar on it’s top and make two incisions, where the sides meet the bottom layer of chocolate, along the length of the bar. Fry’s Chocolate Cream It’s the confectionery equivalent to a PG Wodehouse story. Each of its seven sections of fondant filling are enrobed in a crisp dark chocolate, reminiscent of when sartorial elegance was part of everyday life.