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Cause we’ve all got to make a living, right? It’s not compulsory, by any means, but if you enjoy or find useful my software, libraries, or services, throwing some money in the tip jar to encourage me to keep on providing them and to help defray my various costs would be very much appreciated. Those who came here for the books are directed instead towards my authorial Patreon, although regular donations towards that are also still appreciated. Our main utility library, free for reuse. Compute Unix-style load averages on Windows.

A trivial utility to automatically elevate and run Chocolatey. Tales of the Associated Worlds, Vol. A simple utility to “fake” mouse input, jiggling the pointer back and forth. A miscellany of thoughts on matters computery. A utility for WSL to keep a session running, with daemons.

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The head vocalist in rock band Panic! At The Disco has come out as pansexual. The charges keep piling up for Harvey Weinstein: The 66-year-old disgraced movie mogul pleaded not guilty Monday to more sexual assault allegations, reports the Daily News . Weinstein’s previous legal trouble involved alleged assaults on two women, and Monday’s charges add a third woman. Thanks to smartphones, email has crept into just about every aspect of our personal lives.